peace is possible

Peace is possible dialog

In today’s world we the people of the earth are deeply connected. What we do over the next few decades will determine not only the future of Humankind, but future of the entire Earth as well. We stand at a critical moment in our lives. The seeds that we plant may well determine the outcome of the history of the planet itself. Peace will be possible in our lifetime if we are willing to come to grips with the important things that need our attention.  Just imagine a world where greed is but a memory. The world is filled with clean air, clean water and clean food.

Since we might be able to live 8 minutes without air. I believe this to be of the upmost importance. I remind us that if we have a little upset in life and we hold on to it longer than 8 minutes, then it has become more important to us than air. I would like to begin with an original composition dedicated to clean air.
                                      “AIR THE BREATH OF LIFE”

The Earth’s water is our lifeblood. Given the very few days a human can live  without water, I ask you to please reflect on what might become of our children if there is no clean water. This next piece is a reflection on fresh, clear water.                                       
                                                   ”LIVING WATERS, THE BLOOD”
In order to have a healthy body we need to eat clean food. I believe we have a right to know whether or not foods contain artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s. Period. I give you. “Chasing the GMO monster or the attack of the Franken-fish or more simply titled “Franken-funk”.
The time of greed is over. History tells us that when the gap between the haves, and the haves-not, is large enough, revolution is inevitable. The time has come for all of us to turn our backs on greed. We live in a world with more than enough for all - even having reached 7 billion humana a few months back. “  
                 GREED IS SILLY”
I believe that Peace is possible. One mind, one heart at a time. When enough of us believe that peace is possible, it will be possible. I will begin with me. And ask you to join me for the next 3 minutes in believing that peace is possible. Together we can strengthen the collective consciousness about peaceful as a real possibility.
The world is more at peace with itself than ever before. We are really close. I believe that we are standing at a crossroads where we hold the future in our hands. What we do and what our children and grandchildren do could very well decide the future of Humankind’s very existence here on planet earth.
A Winters prayer

on the longest night we offer you glad tidings and good cheer
a time of hope and wonder at the dawning of the year
we welcome back the sun rebirth for everyone
we remember at winter solstice peace is possible for us

one mind, one heart at a time, I think, i'll began with mine
one mind, one heart at a time, it's time to began with mine
In love and light Billy